Kim Sindberg

This is a book of great dilemmas. Text and pictures are created on an iPhone - most while traveling. Yet the book is a "coffee table book" - designed to be at one place: A table!

It is not available as an eBook!

All pictures are shot with an iPhone (iPhone 4S, 5S and 6S) - and most have been edited on the iPhone - either with the Instagram app - or with Avery. The pictures have been shot over a period of almost 3 years – at various locations around the world.

The text has been written in the iPhone "notes app" - independent of the pictures. Most while traveling; Trains, boats and planes.

This makes the book a kind of fragmented diary - trying to catch the images and thoughts that we all see and have - all the time - but never manage to keep, because they are life as we pass by.

ISBN: 9788740913880

Number of pages: 280

Released: 2015


Copyright 2016 - KIm Sindberg

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